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React Day Berlin

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December 2, 2022
Berlin, Germany
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Are you into React, React Native, GraphQL and hungry to learn from the best?

Welcome to the Web of tomorrow

Take part in the exploration of the React universe! Focusing on in-depth talks, hands-on workshops, and developing new opportunities, the React Day Berlin conference provides space for everyone to make friends and collaborate on stellar apps.

Join or fourth edition in 2022 to celebrate all things React and meet your fellow devs from industry-leading companies. This year's program will help you become more efficient at solving technical issues, but it will also fill your knowledge gaps in team leadership and development soft skills.

Since 2017, the GitNation team has been running various React.js events for people passionate about Open Source and JavaScript engineering. React Day Berlin is going to unite 800 of them in the German capital and thousands more online.

First speakers

Diversity, sharing of ideas, and critical thinking are the core values when it comes to selection of our speakers. Both React’s pros and its rising stars will take over two stages at React Day Berlin.

They’ll shed light on all things puzzling your mind, be it architecture, Design Systems, GraphQL, Reason or other.

Team Work
Emma Bostian
Spotify, Sweden

Emma is an American Software Engineer turned Engineering Manager working at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. She's a LinkedIn Learning and Frontend Masters instructor as well as a new mom.

Elizabet Oliveira
Elastic, Distributed, Portugal

Elizabet is a designer who likes to code. As a ReactJS enthusiast, she built and maintains React-Kawaii. A React library of fun kawaii characters that won "Fun Side Project of the Year" in React Amsterdam Open Source Awards 2018. Besides that, her passion for music and past experience as the first female rapper in Portugal under a major deal, led her to start Cassette Tape. The HTML5 based looper and recorder has granted her a spot in Google I/0 Dublin, in 2016. Also, a big fan of open-source, she has recently released a song for the designer/dev community called "Fork This" (2020).

Elizabet currently works as Senior Product Designer for Elastic. Her mission is to bridge the gap between front-end and design.

Manjula Dube
Vanguard, Germany

Manjula loves contributing to OSS in her free time. She loves teaching and believes it is best way to learn more and more. She is one of the organisers for React India.

Tobias Koppers
Webpack, Germany

Creator of webpack. Working full time on Open Source. Father of two children. Likes to play board games.

CFP is open
CFP is open until September 25


Aashima Ahuja
Miro, Netherlands, Netherlands

I am a frontend engineer working in Miro. I am a JS enthusiast. I love talking about the Web and exploring new technologies. I believe knowledge grows with sharing , so I love to spread my knowledge about frontend.

Clément Pasteau
GDevelop, France, France

Clément is a software engineer passionate about creating applications of quality at speed, making sure he can be involved in every aspect of the development. Currently CTO of GDevelop, he’s a big believer in Lean, ensuring the best quality in the apps built by improving Developer Velocity.

Mettin Parzinski
Miro, Netherlands, Netherlands

Father, husband, squash player, quite bad at chess, metalhead, aspiring woodworker. Working in the developer experience team at Miro to enable other developers to create awesome plugins for Miro boards.

Konstantinos Leimonis

Software Engineer and Tech Lead. Currently building a better micro-frontend platform at DAZN, mentoring and helping teams with tech initiatives, focusing on system architecture, monitoring and observability. I enjoy working with new technologies and scaling React apps and teams.



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Visit a monument to the future

With the ever-growing JS ecosystem, it’s only appropriate that we are hosting React Day Berlin in Kosmos, the amazing Space Age theatre from the 1960s. It is situated in the hip neighborhood of Friedrichshain full of great restaurants, bars, clubs and little shops, and the building was built with unconventional visionaries in mind.

Explore a major European tech hub

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is one of the busiest European tech centers and the best talent gravitates towards the city. With two international airports and modern infrastructure, you don’t even need a hyperdrive to get here.

Oberbaum Bridge

Museum island on Spree river in center Berlin

Berlin skyline with Spree river at sunset

Brandenburg gate at the sunset

Discuss Room

Join discussions focusing on specific technologies. Hang out with people who are on the same page. Discussion rooms on June 16 will be held in a hybrid format while on December 2 fully in a remote format.

Design System
Soft Skills, Career
Testing React Avance
Performance React Advanced


Do you see yourself leading amazing projects? Then you’d better not miss our workshops. Our instructors will help boost up your skills and show you new dimensions of JavaScript problem-solving.

Workshops schedule coming soon.

for a great party

Fun is relative, but there’s no chance to be bored in Berlin, one of the party capitals of the world. Our afterparty and comedy show will make React Day Berlin the tech event of the year!

Giving back to community

Every year, we try our best to make the event accessible and inclusive for a diverse audience. We would like to especially thank the following partners who have supported this initiative and helped us provide Diversity Scholarships for people from the groups that are underrepresented in tech.

0 of 100 extra diversity scholarships sponsored

Last year's sponsors

Would you like to support a growing React community in Berlin and improve the visibility of your tech/employer brand?

Tech Partners

We're no strangers to Berlin's scene