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Welcome to the Reactverse

Are you inspired to learn from the scene's brightest minds?

React Day Berlin is your gateway to new opportunities and exciting collaboration on stellar tech. Attend in-depth talks, supercharge your hard and soft skills with career-boosting workshops, and connect with React enthusiasts.

Join the 6th edition of React Day Berlin in 2024 to celebrate all things React and meet your heroes, including seasoned devs from industry-leading companies and the creators of your favorite open source projects.

This year, you can expect the authors and core teams of the following libraries / projects:


Remote +
In-person day

Welcoming guests in Berlin and streaming online with hybrid networking and inclusive interactivity: Remote - 4:20am PST / 7:20am EST / 12:20pm BST / 1:20pm CET;
In-Person - 9am CET


Remote Day

Streaming both tracks with speaker QnA's online across time zones - 7am PST/ 10am EST/ 3pm BST/ 4pm CET


Free Remote + Pro workshops

Learn new tech and figure out the best practices with our expert trainers during 10+ Free & Pro workshops organized before and after the main conf day.


Growing to Senior
Case Studies
Design Systems

First Speakers

In our Reactverse, diversity, idea-sharing, and razor-sharp thinking drive the selection of speakers for React Day Berlin. The renowned experts as well as the emerging stars of React will take over two stages to guide you through the mysteries of Architecture, Design Systems, GraphQL, Reason, and more.

CFP is open
CFP is open until August 12th
Sara Vieira
Orama, UK

Sara is a developer relations engineer at Orama. Author of The Opinionated Guide to React. Open Source enthusiast. Conference Speaker. Talk to her about Retro Games or Airports.

Tejas Kumar
Consultant, Germany
International Keynote Speaker, Germany
Siddharth Kshetrapal
GitHub, Netherlands

Siddharth builds tools for developers. In the past, he worked on Design Systems at Auth0 and as the frontend architect at Practo. He loves talking about design, performance and open source.



Robin Pokorny
Robin Pokorny
Productboard, Germany

Robin is a Lead Engineer at Klarna. He started with CSS during the Responsive revolution, moved to JavaScript just when React dropped, and now designs full-stack systems for 1M cardholders. As a developer who specialises in TypeScript, he helps to find solutions by applying functional programming principles. Robin organises several meetups.

Sara Vieira
Sara Vieira
Orama, UK

Sara is a developer relations engineer at Orama. Author of The Opinionated Guide to React. Open Source enthusiast. Conference Speaker. Talk to her about Retro Games or Airports

Johannes Goslar
Johannes Goslar, Germany

Johnny loves (board|electronic) games, programming with a lot of parentheses and cycling and creating Communities on Twitter. After receiving his MSc from Oxford, he went to San Francisco only to be kicked out a year later due to not receiving another visa, he then tried building two startups in Berlin, after which he decided to join another startup in London, only to be relocated to Germany again by 2020, where he now is working remotely, specifically the communities team. In his free time he runs Kronberger Spiele, publishing games since 2003.

Michele Bonazza
Michele Bonazza
JustWatch, Germany

Michele is a Senior Developer at JustWatch, where he's developing TV apps in React Native. He likes to still think of himself as Full-Stack, but he's been developing on React and React Native for the last 5 years.

Konstantin Klimashevich
Konstantin Klimashevich
Xebia, Netherlands

Konstantin works for Xebia as an IT professional with 10+ years of experience in software development, analysing, designing and developing enterprise applications, social games and services. In his spare time he's passionate about running, race cars and JavaScript.

Bogdan Plieshka
Bogdan Plieshka
Zattoo, Germany

Leading Web Platform development at Zattoo. Preaching automation, fighting for performance and common sense, forcing accessibility.

Aleksandra Sikora
Aleksandra Sikora
The Guild, Poland

Aleksandra is a full-stack developer based in Wrocław, Poland. Previously a tech lead for the Hasura Console and a lead maintainer of Blitz.js. Deeply passionate about open-source, TypeScript and dedicated to staying up to date with the JavaScript ecosystem. In love with all things climbing — hiking, via ferratas, and rock climbing.

Daniel Rios Pavia
Daniel Rios Pavia
Freelancer, Germany

Shopify Engineer, working on frontend and open source. Originally rails dev.

Roy Derks
Roy Derks
StepZen, The Netherlands

Roy Derks is a developer, author and public speaker from the Netherlands. His mission is to make the world a better place through tech by training and inspiring developers worldwide. Currently he is working with StepZen on a mission to make GraphQL adoption easy and scalable.

Nicola Corti
Nicola Corti
Meta, UK

Nicola Corti is a Software Engineer in the React Native team @ Meta, building tooling and infrastructure to support mobile engineers in the open-source space.

He's a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin and has been working with the language since before version 1.0. He's the maintainer of several open-source libraries, and he's the host of the Developers' Bakery podcast.

Furthermore, he is an active member of the developer community. His involvement goes from speaking at international conferences to being a member of CFP committees and supporting developer communities across Europe.

In his free time, he also loves baking and running marathons.



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With the ever-growing JS ecosystem, it’s only appropriate that we are hosting React Day Berlin in Kosmos, the amazing Space Age theatre from the 1960s. It is situated in the hip neighborhood of Friedrichshain full of great restaurants, bars, clubs and little shops, and the building was built with unconventional visionaries in mind.

Explore a major EU tech hub

Berlin is the tech powerhouse of Europe and a magnet for React's top talent. Thanks to its international airport and streamlined train infrastructure, it's easy to reach from anywhere in the world.

Oberbaum Bridge

Museum island on Spree river in center Berlin

Berlin skyline with Spree river at sunset

Brandenburg gate at the sunset


Do you imagine yourself at the helm of game-changing projects? Then you’d better not miss our workshops. Guided by expert instructors, you will boost your skills and reveal new dimensions of React and JavaScript problem-solving.

  • 6+ Free Workshops are already included in the regular ticket price.
  • PRO Workshops can be purchased separately.

Convince your boss

Are you ready to skill up and network with fellow devs at React Day Berlin, but your boss is not sure about it? It doesn’t take much to convince a manager or team lead and explain the advantages of our event.

We’ve prepared a summary of the most important information to help you achieve your goal. Head over to our dedicated page and share it with your boss.

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Fun is relative, but there’s no chance to be bored in Berlin, one of the party capitals of the world. Our afterparty will make React Day Berlin the tech event of the year!

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Giving Back to Community

We try our best to make all our events accessible and inclusive for a diverse audience. Get in touch with us if you wish to support this initiative, and help us provide Diversity Scholarships for the underrepresented groups in tech.

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