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React Day Berlin

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December 6, 2019
Berlin, Germany
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Are you into React, React Native, GraphQL and hungry to learn from the best?

Welcome to the Web of tomorrow

Take part in the exploration of the React universe! Focusing on in-depth talks, hands-on workshops, and finding new opportunities, React Day Berlin conference provides space for everyone to make friends and develop stellar apps together.

Since 2017 we're running Berlin based React community of people passioned about Open Source and JavaScript engineering. Since then we have also landed 2 React conferences, with last one uniting 800 engineers from Germany and worldwide.
Join or third edition in 2019 to celebrate all things React and meet engineers caring about their craft alike.

Our speakers’ guns are set on stun

Diversity, sharing of ideas, and critical thinking are the core values when it comes to selection of our speakers. Both React’s pros and its rising stars will take over two stages at React Day Berlin.
They’ll shed light on all things puzzling your mind, be it architecture, Design Systems, GraphQL, Reason or other.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
ReactTrainling, USA
Founder of ReactTraining, creator of UNPKG and react-router, history and mustache.js. Hosts React Podcast.
Evan Bacon
React Native
Evan Bacon
Expo, USA
Sometimes Lego Artist, working at Expo (Web, Bluetooth, AR, Gaming, and videos) and React Native (for web) PWAs.
ReactAcademy, Poland
Teaching React Javascript at React Academy. Cares about open source, made and maintains, custom-react-scripts, and mobx-router. He had the chance to work and experiment with a variety of languages and frameworks.
Manjula Dube
Manjula Dube
N26, Germany
Manjula loves contributing to OSS in her free time. She loves teaching and believes it is best way to learn more and more. She is one of the organisers for React India.
Oleg Isonen
Oleg Isonen
Webflow, Germany
Oleg is an author of JSS and an architect with a focus on scalable web front-end applications. At React Day Berlin Oleg will share the insights on building complex applications with real-world examples.


Visit a monument to the future

With the ever-growing JS ecosystem, it’s only appropriate that we are hosting React Day Berlin in Kosmos, the amazing Space Age theatre from the 1960s. It is situated in the hip neighborhood of Friedrichshain full of great restaurants, bars, clubs and little shops, and the building was built with unconventional visionaries in mind.

The city on the edge of tomorrow

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is one of the busiest European tech centers and the best talent gravitates towards the city. With two international airports and modern infrastructure, you don’t even need a hyperdrive to get here.

Brandenburg gate at the sunset

Museum island on Spree river in center Berlin

Berlin skyline with Spree river at sunset

Oberbaum Bridge

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