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React Day Berlin

  • 2Tracks (General + Native)
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  • 500React fans and lovers

November 30, 2018

Berlin, Germany


Are you into React, React Native, GraphQL
and hungry to learn from the best?

React Day Berlin is a brand new event in the city, the first of its kind - a full day conference for engineers working with the React technology stack.

Careful balance of practical and visionary talks from renowned speakers make React Day a unique place to meet and learn from the most forward-thinking international community members, influencers and open source maintainers.

First Speakers

  • Ken Wheeler

    Formidable, USA

    Director of Open Source at Formidable and the author of libraries like Slick Carousel, McFly, react-music, webpack-dashboard, Spectacle.

  • Monica Lent

    SumUp, Germany

    Monica is leading the Web Team at SumUp and is based here in Berlin. Her team is building the web experience that helps hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world get started accepting card payments and growing their businesses.

  • Vincent Riemer

    Symantec, USA

    Software engineer at Symantec and creator of ambitious side projects such has React Native DOM and the iO-808. When he isn't programming, you can find him producing music and tinkering with synthesizers.

  • Oleg Isonen

    eBay, Germany

    Oleg works as a JavaScript architect at eBay Berlin, designing the future of highly scalable front-end applications for the company. At React Day Berlin Oleg will share the insights on building complex applications with real world examples.

  • Kitze

    ReactAcademy, Macedonia

    Teaching React Javascript at React Academy. Cares about open source, made and maintains sizzy.co, custom-react-scripts, and mobx-router. He had the chance to work and experiment with a variety of languages and frameworks.

  • Manjula Dube

    Marley Spoon, Germany

    Developer at Marley Spoon. Wants to make the web a better place to live, and in her free time, she works on OSS. Manjula loves teaching because thats the best way to learn more and more.

  • Jack Franklin

    Thread, UK

    Jack is a Frontend Engineer at Thread in London working primarily with React. In his free time, he’s usually writing or recording videos for his blog, JavaScript Playground. He is also the author of “Beginning jQuery” (Apress, 2012) and an eloquent speaker on Elm, front-end, build tools and frameworks.

  • Forbes Lindesay

    Changepage, UK

    Forbes is a freelance software engineer and one of the founders of Changepage. In the past, he's worked on large scale React apps at Facebook, and now runs training workshops to pass on that experience to other people. In his spare time he maintains a number of open source projects, such as Pug, Promise and Cabbie.js.

  • Rebecca Hill

    Usabilla, The Netherlands

    Full stack JavaScript engineer at Usabilla, building feedback software. Not-so-secretly helping JavaScript take over the world.

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