React Day Berlin

Sponsorship Proposal 2019

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The Event E

React Day Berlin is a brand new event in the city, first of its kind - a single day, two-track conference providing the most immersive learning and networking experience for frontend engineers working with React technology stack.

Exceptional quality content with careful balance of practical and visionary talks from renowned speakers, inspired attendee crowd and top location make our event a brilliant sponsorship opportunity. Whenever you are looking to put your company name in the spotlight, rally up the team knowledge or hire the best talent - we have a matching proposal.

Organized by a team of passionate developers and skilful event organisers behind the biggest react conference in the world to date - React Amsterdam.


React devs

fans and lovers


Video views

on YouTube


website views

and millions of social impressions

Packages & Perks P


1000 EUR+VAT


2500 EUR+VAT


6000 EUR+VAT


10000 EUR+VAT

Sponsor announcement in social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Medium)
Logo placed on introduction slides and conference website small medium large large,
Logo placed on introduction/mid-session slides, on video recordings cover image and on prints medium large large,
Conference tickets 1 2 4 4+
Job announcement
Individual highlight in between the talks
Branded booth
Special ideas on request
Goodie bag item
Exclusive branding on request

Additional packages available for silver sponsors and up:

  • Branded Breakfast

    2000 EUR + VAT

  • Branded Lunch

    4000 EUR + VAT

  • Party Sponsor

    4000 EUR + VAT

  • Bags Branding

    1500 EUR + VAT + production

  • Notepads Branding

    500 EUR + VAT + production

  • Branded Pens

    500 EUR + VAT + production

  • become a sponsor

Why Sponsor our events?

  • Improve company image and brand exposure across targeted developer groups.

    We are actively partnering with more than 95 developer communities globally, reaching out to more than 50k devs via our social media channels, partner announcements and meetups.

  • Simplify hiring process through rising a trust for the brand in the community.

    Get a unique chance to access a pool of candidates from 27 countries! Meet your potential hires in person at the booth or engage with them via our Job Board Announcement Page, cutting out the costly recruitment agency services.

  • Communicate efficiently with top industry professionals.

    70% of our attendees are intermediate level developers with years of expertise and 20% are experts, holding senior and decision making positions. Hiring, selling, investing or growing your network - it is a party that can not be missed.

  • Present your products & technologies to relevant audience.

    In modern software development world, product and infrastructure decisions are often being driven by the actual team. From IDEs to multi-cloud deployment platforms - get a chance to pitch directly to the end user.

& collaboration

We are organising these events for a bigger cause - connecting global community of Front-End Developers and enthusiasts alike by encouraging professional growth opportunities, skills evolution and nurturing passion for the craft.

Are you with us? Let`s collaborate! We are looking for partnership opportunities
and are open to any brilliant ideas you might have.

[email protected]

Together we can make global developer community a better place for everyone. Get In touch to discuss how you can support diversity initiatives at our event.