Do you see yourself leading amazing projects? Then you’d better not miss our workshops.
Our instructors will help boost up your skills and show you new dimensions of JavaScript problem-solving.

Learn the most modern React practices, master GraphQL and TypeScript or get a crash-course on the next-gen programming language - ReasonML.

Workshops are happening on December 1 and January 27 at 9:00 (with doors opening at 8:30) and continue until 17:00. The trainings will be hosted at a separate location, different from the conference venue (attendees will get information by email).

The workshops listed below are not included in Full ticket and should be bought separately. We'll be happy to provide a 15% discount in case you buy 3 and more workshop tickets. Just email us.


Advanced React (In-Person)

React 18 was a long-awaited release. New APIs were introduced and certain behaviour changed. Some of these changes have quite an impact on your daily development, while others rarely affect you. Nevertheless, only by knowing your tools can you best decide when to use which of them.

In order to get a deep understanding of these new APIs and behaviour changes we will explore the following topics:

  • new concurrent rendering APIs: useTransition, startTransition, useDeferredValue
  • new Hooks: useId, useSyncExternalStore, useInsertionEffect
  • strict effects in the new Strict Mode and revisiting useEffect
  • automatic batching and flushSync
  • sneak peek into what's coming after React 18 including a brief introduction into and for data fetching

The workshop is split into several modules. Each of them starts with a 20 min presentation, 30-50 min coding session and is followed by a 10 min retrospective. The final topic about what's coming after React 18 is only covered as a presentation.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to leverage the new features of React 18 and be able to use them in production ready applications.

Schedule & location

December 1, 2022, in-person in Berlin. Time - 8:30-18:00. Location - Wyndham Garden Berlin Mitte, Osloer Str. 116A, 13359 Berlin, Germany.

Building modern web apps with NextJS (Remote)

Next.js is a flexible React framework that gives you building blocks to create fast web applications. Various building blocks are needed to build performant web apps nowadays. From the user interface, routing, and data fetching, to important infrastructure considerations, performance, and scalability. NextJS brings all these building blocks to the developer through unique developer experience utilizing modern concepts such as edge computing, static site generation, and much more.

In this workshop, we will start with the essentials of NextJS and how it works. We will also cover more advanced topics such as authentication, state management best practices, configuration options, and deployment.

The workshop is split into several modules. Each of them starts with a presentation, coding session and is followed by a retrospective. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to confidently build NextJS web applications, following best practices in the industry.

What's included

  1. Jamstack and serverless concepts
  2. NextJS fundamentals
  3. Pre-rendering with NextJS (SSR & SSG concepts)
  4. Routing in NextJS
  5. Data fetching
  6. Styling and Layout system
  7. Image and Fonts optimizations
  8. State management patterns in NextJS
  9. Authentication in NextJS
  10. Advanced topics
  11. Deployment


  • React knowledge
  • JavaScript knowledge
  • Typescript knowledge (optional)

Schedule & location

January 24-25, 2023. Remote.

Web Accessibility in JavaScript Apps (Remote)

Often we see JavaScript damaging the accessibility of a website. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to avoid that, but also how to use JS in your favor to actually enhance the accessibility of your web apps! We’ll explore multiple scenarios with hands-on exercises, talk about keyboard, ARIA and you’ll even learn the how Screen Readers are used. Join me and let me show you how accessibility doesn't limit your solutions or skills. On the contrary, it will make them more inclusive!

What's included

  1. WCAG principles, A11Y myths and ableism
  2. Routing, from buttons to links
  3. ARIA and Screen Readers
  4. Toggleable interfaces
  5. Error Handling
  6. Custom components
  7. User Preferences


  • Basic knowledge of React, HTML and CSS.
  • Headphones to use/listen Screen Readers

Schedule & location

Date: January 26-27. Time: 16-20:00 CET. Remote.

Advanced React Patterns (Remote)

Come to the workshop with some basic knowledge in React (with hooks) and we'll teach you some of the most reliable and resilient patterns for creating advanced React code that can be re-used in your applications. This workshop will be ideal for those creating "library code". In other words, highly composable and reusable code to be shared across an organization or a large project.

Schedule & location

Date: December 5-6. Time: 17:00-21:00. Remote.


Nik Graf
Serenity, Austria

Nik is the founder of Serenity and is passionate about cryptography, CRDTs, GraphQL and React. He co-created several popular open source projects like DraftJS Plugins and Polished and participated in Stripe’s Open Source Retreat. In his spare-time he enjoys ski touring, cycling and organising the ReactJS Vienna meetup.

React Native
Vladimir Novick
Independent Consultant, Israel

Vladimir is Software Architect and Independent Consultant, worldwide speaker, published author. He brings years of experience in JavaScript ecosystem and is one of early React and React Native adopters. On daily basis Vladimir works in Web, Mobile, VR/AR and Blockchain fields for a range of clients in various industries.

Sandrina Pereira
Remote, Portugal

Sandrina is a Frontend Engineer who helps turn ideas into accessible experiences. Within the React ecosystem, she’s been shrinking the gap between Engineering and Product design. Currently she’s doing that at Remote as a Team Leader. Along the journey, she’s has been raising awareness of why Web Accessibility is part of our duties as web creators.

Brad Westfall
ReactTraining, USA

Brad Westfall has been teaching Web Development since 2010 including bootcamp instruction, online videos, conference speaking, writing at, and corporate training for He loves to connect with students by helping them achieve their technical goals and by distilling complex concepts into simple instruction.