2 Dec, 2017


Berlin, Germany

React Day Berlin

Fully Packed Day of Your Favorite React Content

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The Event E

Are you into React, React Native, GraphQL and hungry to learn from the best?

React Day Berlin is a brand new event in the city, the first of its kind - a full day conference for engineers working with the React technology stack.

Careful balance of practical and visionary talks from renowned speakers make React Day a unique place to meet and learn from the most forward-thinking international community members, influencers and open source maintainers.

Speakers S

  • Mike Grabowski, Poland

    Head of Open Source, React Native Core Contributor.

  • Tyler Clark

    Pluralsight, US

    Tyler is a Full-Stack software engineer at Pluralsight. He loves reading, writing, and teaching about emerging technologies.

  • Sara Vieira

    YLDio, Portugal

    Front-End Developer at @YLDio, open sorcerer, maker of useless modules, Blogger, Drummer and horror movie fan girl.

  • Kristin Baumann

    HomeToGo, Germany

    Kristin Baumann is a Senior Frontend Developer with great interest in UI / UX design and React programming. With a degree in Computational Visualistics and after developing abroad in Australia and Vietnam she is currently working as a Product Design & Prototyping Manager at HomeToGo in Berlin.

  • Norbert de Langen

    Xebia, The Netherlands

    Core maintainer of storybook and a Senior Front-end consultant working on modernizing existing codebases and greenfield projects. Norbert is passionate about, amongst other things, quality control, performance and style-guides. And of course open source.

  • Carolyn Stransky

    Contentful, Germany

    A journalist and JavaScript developer based in Berlin. Currently working as a technical writer at Contentful and teaching front end development in the evenings at ReDI School.

  • Dino Scheidt

    Shoplink, Germany

    A nerd in a suit. 10+ years in software development experience & previous manager at shopkick Inc., he today is the CEO and product owner of, a new company dedicated to bring surprising ways of engagement & analytics to brick and mortar retail. Interests: TypeScript, React-Native, OpenCV, TensorFlow.

  • Oleg Slobodskoi

    Grape, Germany

    Oleg had been working on web UIs for over a decade when he realized there are two major challenges in front-end engineering: understanding the state and styling its representation. To change that, he started a project called JSS back in 2014 and didn't stop learning and improving it since then.

  • Wojciech Ogrodowczyk

    Brains & Beards, Germany

    Wojciech is a developer interested in venturing out of the usual green pastures of "established" technology and exploring the jungle of programming languages that lies beyond. He runs a software consultancy called Brains & Beards where he helps companies deliver better applications faster.

  • Olga Petrova

    Sencha, Germany

    Software developer with more than 13 years of experience in developing enterprise and data science applications. Worked with a broad range of web technologies, JavaScript libraries, and frameworks, and she has a special interest in data visualization and developing enterprise web applications.

  • Kristijan Ristovski

    ReactAcademy, Macedonia

    Teaching React Javascript at React Academy. Cares about open source, made and maintains, custom-react-scripts, and mobx-router. He had the chance to work and experiment with a variety of languages and frameworks.

  • Nikolas Burk

    Graphcool, Germany

    Nikolas is a polyglot developer and GraphQL enthusiast. He worked as an instructor at Make School in San Francisco before he joined Graphcool in January where he's now responsible for all educational content around GraphQL.

  • Marcel Cutts

    Asgard, UK

    Marcel is a vagabond software engineer whose work has ranged from providing software for satellites, to developing zombie based fitness apps for millions of users. He can often be found courageously flinging himself at emerging technologies to explore what's all hype, what has substance, and what gives you the biggest hipster cred.

  • Manjula Dube

    Bookmyshow, India

    Senior Developer at Bookmyshow, tech blogger, loves javascript & public speaking.

  • Alex Migutsky

    Microsoft, Germany

    Alex builds web apps and coaches software developers.

Talks T

Check-out the final talks line-up. 15 international speakers and well known React experts will guide you through most important parts of the ecosystem.

  • 8:30


  • 9:30

    Conference opening

  • 09:40

    The power of interpolation

    Mike Grabowski, Poland

    One of the biggest benefits when choosing React Native is its declarative nature. Instead of laying out elements on screen manually, we tell React how our interface should look like for a given state. That, combined with React Native taking care of rendering, allows us to write things that would be hard or even impossible otherwise. One of such things are animations. Historically, we used to write them in an imperative and stateful manner. By design, these are hard to debug and - most importantly compose. In this talk we will take a look at writing animations in React Native by using Animated module.

  • 10:10

    Keep Your Sanity with Redux Sagas

    Tyler Clark

    Pluralsight, US

    Redux is a strict framework. Whether you view that as a pro or a con, handling async actions can sometimes be a pain. Especially if you are using middleware such as Redux Thunk and have to chain promises.

    As an application grows, it's difficult to maintain and continuously test these actions. By the use of the ES6 generator function, Redux Sagas break up async actions into synchronous events. This makes it easier to test, chain actions that depend on the result of each other, and deserialize promises.

  • 10:40

    Coffee Break

  • 11:10

    We need to talk about Preact

    Sara Vieira

    YLDio, Portugal

    I know many of you have heard about Preact and may have even played arround with it but have you seen it's true potential? In this talk we are going to have the needed discussion about Preact and why it's awesome.

  • 11:40

    Building Storybook

    Norbert de Langen

    Xebia, The Netherlands

    How do we maintain Storybook and support react, react-native, vue and angular and an addon-ecosystem.

    Get to know how are yarn, lerna, react, circleCI, redux, jest, all coming together to form the best living styleguide platform supporting react, react-native, vue and angular.

  • 12:10

    Lightning talks

  • Humanizing Your Documentation

    Carolyn Stransky

    Contentful, Germany

    It’s no secret that people don’t usually read technical documentation for pleasure. Users often come to your docs when they are frustrated, disappointed and at their lowest. In this talk, we’ll discuss how the language we use affects our users and the first steps towards writing use case-driven, accessible docs.

  • Data Driven Styling

    Oleg Slobodskoi

    Grape, Germany

    While all CSSinJS solutions try to improve API's for describing static styles, not many actually know how to solve dynamic styling. Let me show you how we can completely forget inline styles.

  • Add Powerful Components to Your React Apps

    Olga Petrova

    Sencha, Germany

    In this presentation, you will learn how you can add powerful components to your React apps. You can now utilize a grid, treegrid, pivot grid, calendar, charts, and other components in your React based apps with very little effort. Plus you can manage data and respond to events using React while rendering UI controls. Learn how you can build data-intensive, cross platform applications using React and powerful components from commercial libraries.

  • Jest & Enzyme complement each other.

    Manjula Dube

    Bookmyshow, India

    I would talk about some myths on Jest & Enzyme. Moreover to stop the comparison of Jest and Enzyme. Instead would focus on how they can work together to test well your React Components. The talk would focus on "How Jest and Enzyme complement each other" and can help you test React components in a better way.

  • How we React at Microsoft To-Do

    Alex Migutsky

    Microsoft, Germany

    Microsoft To-Do is built with ❤️ using React, Redux and some magic. Let's dive under the hood and see what practices we use to deliver real world production app to the wide audience.

  • Universal React on Lambda

    Pedro Visintin

    Babbel, Germany

    ¿Shall we serverless everything? Serving Universal React + Redux +etc from Lambda. We want to share our small experiment to move on serverless architecture with React.

  • 12:50

    Lunch & Networking

  • 14:00

    Augmented Reality with React Native — a medium worth to bridge?

    Dino Scheidt

    Shoplink, Germany

    Since Apple and Google have introduced ARKit and ARCore respectively, the excitement for easy access to Augmented Reality (AR) on everyday mobile devices is exploding. So let’s take a look of how we can marry this new medium with React Native in the most efficient way. We head dive into AR by understanding our UX goals with an interactive AR stage demo (so bring your device!), identify implementation paths as well as existing and new libraries.

  • 14:30

    GraphQL - The What, How and Why

    Nikolas Burk

    Graphcool, Germany

    GraphQL is riding the hype wave right now. Yet many developers don't understand how they could benefit from it or where it fits into their stack. I'll introduce core concepts and outline advantages of GraphQL so you can convince your manager and developer friends to use it in your next project.

  • 15:00

    React state management in a GraphQL era

    Kristijan Ristovski

    ReactAcademy, Macedonia

    Now that GraphQL takes care of managing data in our apps, is an external state-management library even needed? Let's explore all the possibilities and compare the combinations of React, Apollo, Redux, MobX, and Next.js

  • 15:30

    Coffee Break

  • 16:00

    Beyond JavaScript: The Hidden Benefit of React Native

    Wojciech Ogrodowczyk

    Brains & Beards, Germany

    This will be a fast journey through delivering React Native applications with languages different from JS. We'll talk (and code!) in TypeScript, Clojure, OCaml, and Elm. But, most importantly, we'll talk about why this freedomt choose your programming language is so important.

  • 16:30

    A pragmatist's guide to ReasonML

    Marcel Cutts

    Asgard, UK

    People in our community are bursting with excitement about ReasonML - but why is that, and what does it have to do with our beloved React? Is this something for hipster types only, or will we all be using it in a year's time?

    All great questions! Join me in surfing the hype wave for the answers and more! 🚀

  • 17:00

    Designing with React

    Kristin Baumann

    HomeToGo, Germany

    You can use React to develop web applications, native apps and many more awesome things. And since the launch of Airbnb’s react-sketchapp in April you can also write React components that render to a Sketch design file.

    In this talk, you’ll learn how react-sketchapp works and, with several examples, how you can use it to improve your design and development workflow.

  • 17:30

    Conference closing

  • 19:00

    Afterparty 🎉 at Mein Haus am See

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