Workshops 2018

Do you see yourself leading amazing projects? Then you’d better not miss our workshops. Our instructors will help boost up your skills and show you new dimensions of JavaScript problem-solving.

Learn Advanced React practices, master GraphQL or get a crash-course on the next-gen programming language - ReasonML.

Workshops are happening on November 29, 2018 (and 28 for second Advanced group), at SRH Hochschule Berlin. Doors open at 8:30, trainings from 9:00 till 18:00.





React Advanced Workshop

by Kristijan Ristovski, React Academy. November 28 and 29.

An exclusive full-day, hands-on coding workshop to explore advanced patterns and new features in React. React may be just a simple UI library, but it involves a pretty big ecosystem around it. Explaining the basics and internals is not enough, so in this module we're going to explain the best practices, we're going to learn to "think in React", and apply solutions to real problems that you might encounter in the process of building an app.

We'll explore all the advanced techniques for making flexible and maintainable React components. We'll see how using popular patterns like Higher Order Components, Compound Components, Render Props etc. can help us in simplifying things, making our components more reusable and our apps more declarative.
React 16 comes with some major changes and an update to the core algorithm. In this module, we'll explore some practical use-cases for Portals, Fragments, Error Boundaries etc. We'll see how the new Context API can simplify state-management and we'll play with a new feature called react-call-return.

What's included

  1. React Context API
  2. Higher Order Components
  3. Render Props
  4. Compound Components
  5. React 16 & Beyond
  6. Practical use-cases for Portals, Fragments, Error Boundaries
  7. React-call-return
  8. and more...


Good knowledge of JavaScript and most of the new ES6 features, as well as React and most of its concepts.

Want to know more about the trainer? Check React Academy website.




Real World GraphQL w/ Formidable

by Imran Sulemanji, GraphQL early adopter. November 29.

Formidable will hold a full-day, full-stack, hands-on GraphQL workshop, where you'll learn how to build a GraphQL server following latest good practices, and use GraphQL in your React client applications.

What's included

  1. GraphQL Servers
  2. Exploring real-world patterns for architecting our schema
  3. Practical steps to improve query performance and caching
  4. Client-side GraphQL
  5. Efficient updates with proper caching
  6. Building queries through fragment composition and query components
  7. and more...


This workshop is for developers who are curious to learn how GraphQL can help you write better APIs and better applications. You may or may not have already used GraphQL, but to get most out of the day, you should be familiar with JavaScript, React, and Node.js.




Reason & ReasonReact - from Zero to Production Ready

by Nik Graf, instructor. November 29.

Reason is a new functional, JavaScript-like language with a strong type-system and first level React bindings initiated by Jordan Walke, the creator of React.

In this workshop you will first learn about the syntax and semantics of the programming language Reason. Further we explore powerful concepts like pattern matching and Variants. Half way through we are going to write our first ReasonReact component and end with an exercise of adding ReasonReact components to an existing React application.

What's included

  1. Introduction to the programming language
  2. Reason datastructures
  3. Writing your first ReasonReact component
  4. Managing state in ReasonReact
  5. Interop between JavaScript React and ReasonReact
  6. and more...


To attend this workshop you should have worked with React. That said, no experience with Reason, any type system or functional programming is required.

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